Sunday, December 4, 2011

AMD might package Bulldozer processors with liquid-cooling kits

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I've bought both of those before - lots of them. I build systems for a living and have NOT ONCE had any issues that you describe. I've used TP-750's in dozens of system configurations in all different cases (practically every model, except for the rackmount ones) and they are whisper quiet. In fact, the only systems that my company has built that were loud were systems that utilized Intel's stock coolers on the Core i7 processors.

All of the fans operate optimally at low-medium because the CFM at high isn't optimized for that blade size, and I've NEVER had to switch any fans to high, even on systems where I achieve a .5GHz overclock. If you're using some crap Thermaltake case with umpteen 80mm fans, then you need to crank up the speed, but larger fans don't require it. Antec is just plain smarter about cooling than these fadster companies that think that it's "cool" (figuratively) to have a hundred small fans all running at full blast, and then require noise insulation to compensate.

I think over the course of the last 5 years we've been using Antec, we've had to replace maybe 4 power supplies, and 2 fans were defective, which accounts for a less-than 1% out of our total 4% component defect rate. Overall, we've had far more defective hard drives (especially Seagate with their shoddy firmware, which prompted them to offer free data recovery diagnostics - which is the reason we switched to WD) and other components than we've had from Antec.

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